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I wanted to create something unforgettable...

1080hp/775lb-ft 100-200km/h in 2,9sec

With factory 55hp under the hood, nobody suspected in 1989 that this MKII would
one day become a true hp bolide with incredible 1080hp and 775lb-ft.

Driven by the enthusiasm and curiosity to create something unique, fast and
technically sophisticated, I began to develop this MKII further in 2000.
75hp, 178hp, 225hp, 265hp, 325hp, 396hp, 530hp, 625hp, 711hp, 805hp, 850hp,
875hp, 889hp, 1092hp, 1258hp all these are the performance levels of the various
engines with which I have been able to gather a great deal of knowledge and
experience over the years, which I can now incorporate into the projects of the customers.

In 2015, the probably largest conversion was completed. The MKII, once delivered as
a front-wheel drive, was extensively converted to a four-wheel drive
With now sufficient traction, the MKII could be driven with a VR6 12V turbo engine.


2017 proved what the MKII was capable of. Invited by Auto Motor and Sport and with
a power of 872hp, the MKII shuttered all the test results that were recorded up to this
point in time and placed itself directly at the top of all ever measured vehicles in Auto Motor and Sport.


In winter 2017/2018 a new, even more efficient engine was developed, with now 24
valves instead of 12 valves and another modified turbocharger from Precision.
The result was overwhelming, 1080hp and 775lb-ft from 2,9L capacity and 6cylinders!


In mid-2018, a fully sequential Quaife transmission was built into the MKII,
catapulting it into ludicrous 2,9sec of 100-200km/h and 5.05sec of 100-250km/h.
It will be interesting to see where curiosity, enthusiasm and the will to create
something new and unique will take us ...

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