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The fascination of engine construction

Here you get a small insight into the fascinating world of engine construction. Each engine is individually assembled and designed for its respective purpose and the desired performance class.
Whether 4, 5, 6 or 8 cylinder engines whether 300hp or 1300hp , I've already had
everything in front of me and can look back on over 15 years of experience.

VW/ Audi 1.8T 800hp engine block

VW/ Audi 16V 1000hp engine block

VW/ Audi 16V 800hp engine block

VW/ Audi 1.8t 800hp camshafts timing calibrate

VW/ Audi 24V Piston recess litres in Ot to calculate the exact compression ratio

VW/ Audi VR6 12V engine block and cylinder head configured for 700hp.

VW/ Audi conrod pin measurement

VW/ Audi polished connecting rod journals and main bearing journals

Special honing for high performance applications

VW VR6 12V crankshaft polishing the bearing journals

VW VR6 12V crankshaft fresh from cleaning and polishing

VR6 Calibrate combustion chamber

VR6 Wiseco piston with high end connecting rod

The exact measuring and angling of a connecting rod is indispensable for every high-performance engine

Angle of a connecting rod

R32 with Mahle Motorsport piston

VR6 main bearing aisle with ARP studs

Overhauled 1.8T cylinder head with cleaned valves

Measuring the correct valve timing with a VR6 12V