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The powerfull engine

R29 Turbo 1100hp/ 811lb-ft

The current engine, which is under a lot of pressure, delivers incredible 1080hp and a crazy torque of 775lb-ft. The basis for this firework is a 2.8L AQP engine block from the MKIV V6 24V. Almost everything has been changed here, from the piston to the connecting rods, their screw connections and a massive block stiffening plate. The cylinder head comes from a R32 and is standard including the hydraulic tappets, only valve springs and camshafts have been changed, which in this combination is enough for up to 9500 rpm. A specially made double split intake manifold distributes the fuel/air mixture perfectly to all 6 cylinders, before it hits the powerful Precision turbocharger through a special pipe manifold and the Inferno takes its course.

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